About Us

‘Gumat Marketing & Consulting’ is a pioneer in the field of antibiotic-free poultry production.

Our products, based on organic acids and probiotic supplements focus on disease prevention and animal health improvement.

We have gained extensive experience based on long-term field observations and on industrial scale production of antibiotic-free broilers,  testing along the way a wide variety of products from the world’s leading companies.

We represent ‘Selko BV’ & ‘Trouw Nutrition’, both subsidiaries of the Dutch company ‘Nutreco’, one of the world’s leading animal feed producer.   We also represent ‘Star-Labs’ of the United States, which is a manufacturer of probiotic bacteria, one of the leading companies in its field.

For the past 25 years, our company has been providing innovative products, knowledge and guidance to customers in the field of animal husbandry

Our comprehensive services focus on:

– Poultry Gut Health

– Salmonella Control

– Feed Safety

Poultry Gut Health

Poultry gut health can be influenced by many factors, such as feed quality, farm management and genetics. Optimal performance can be supported in several ways, including addressing foot pad quality, influencing litter quality in broiler houses or working on growth rate and feed conversion

Salmonella Control

Salmonella bacteria may enter the bird via several routes, but the main causes of transmission on the farm are the arrival of new animals, contaminated water and feed systems, farm housing and insufficient biosecurity measures

Feed Safety

The safety and quality of raw materials and final feed is the basis of every feed producer’s value proposition. Microorganisms can influence feed quality

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