Three steps to improve gut health and performance

Phenolic compound

Water is the most crucial nutrient for animals. The synergistic blend of free organic acids in Selko-pH effectively reduces the pH of drinking water. Analyses carried out in the Selko laboratory show that application of Selko-pH reduces pH-value of drinking water to around 3.8.

Supports digestion

The synergistic blend of free organic acids in Selko-pH reduces the pH in the crop and stomach more quickly after ingestion of feed. This leads to improved feed digestion and maintains a stable microbiota.

Improves microbial balance

Young animals are especially vulnerable at the start of the production phase, when their intestinal microbiota is still developing. The buffered organic acids in Selko-pH help to maintain a stable intestinal microbiota, thereby giving these young animals a good start.


Optimal animal performance

Selko-pH effectively reduces pH of drinking water. It reduces the pH in the crop and stomach of animals more quickly after ingestion of feed and it improves the microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract. This leads to optimal weight gain and optimal feed conversion ratio

Benefits of buffered acids ​

The buffered acids used in Selko-pH are a fundamental step in supporting a healthy gut status. Compared with non-buffered organic acids, a buffered product can be applied in a more flexible dosage, as the pH level of acidified water will not fall below 3.5 with regular tap water. A pH-value around 3.8 is optimal. Moreover, due to its buffered state, a major proportion of the acids will become available in the intestine, improving the microbial balance.

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